Partner with a Reliable Tree Care Provider for Your Property in Falls Church, VA

Trust Dad's Tree Service with your tree care needs in Falls Church, Virginia, and its surrounding areas. With over three decades of experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we deliver high-caliber tree services designed to enhance the vitality and allure of your valuable green assets.

Tree Services Include:
  • Tree Trimming:  Strike a more harmonious relationship with your trees through our professional tree trimming services. Our skilled arborists possess the expertise and tools necessary to both knowledgeably trim - and create clearance - where needed, promoting an environment which helps you to nicely cohabitate with your trees.  
  • Pruning:  We help to maximize the beauty and vitality of your trees using our professional pruning techniques. Recognizing the significance of proper pruning for both the health and visual appeal of your trees, our team is devoted to providing customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.  
  • Tree Removal:  Whether it's a hazardous tree or the need for space for a new project, our proficient professionals are up to the task. We execute safe and competent tree removal services, striving to minimize any disturbance to your property and surroundings.  
  • Stump Grinding:  Our efficient stump grinding technique is designed to grind your stumps below ground level, giving you a starting point for your next landscape project.  
  • Fallen Tree Removal:  After storm damage or severe weather incidents, contact us to remove fallen trees and debris. We prioritize your concerns and safety, diligently working to restore the splendor of your surroundings.

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At Dad's Tree Service, we are committed to delivering dependable, top-tier tree services which surpass your expectations. Contact our excellent customer service team today for all your tree care needs in Falls Church, VA.

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