Dangerous Deadwood Removal

Dangerous deadwood removal is a term that applies to dead or dying limbs of about 3″ in diameter and larger. Deadwood is one of the most grave hazards pertaining to trees and tree care. Safety is the number one reason that deadwood is removed from a tree. Keeping your yard safer for your children, visitors and pets – as well as for yourself – is paramount. Urban and suburban trees require deadwood to be removed using safe, proven, efficient techniques, to greatly reduce the potential for falling and breaking limbs.

Tree Removal Alexandria VA

Deadwood is also a key threat to tree health. Infestations and infections thrive in the decaying wood, which can ultimately lead to the death of the tree – not to mention the extra costs involved in removing trees which have become structurally unsound. Deadwood can pose a serious threat to your neighbor’s property as well, and by removing major deadwood you could prevent severe, preventable problems. We offer tree removal service in Arlington, Alexandria VA and the surrounding area.

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