Rely on Falls Church, VA’s Most Reliable and Trusted Tree-Trimming Services

Finding a tree trimming service that’s reliable, trusted, and compassionate can be a challenge in Falls Church, Virginia. However, there’s one guy you can call that has your best interest at heart. Dad’s Tree Service has over 30 years of experience dealing with all your tree needs!

When you call Dad, you get a tree service dedicated to providing you with tree work that protects your home and property. After all, trees can cause significant damage to your residence, so we aim to preserve everything we can and help with any tree troubles.

Tree-Trimming Services with You in Mind

Dad’s Tree Service has plenty of services to help manage the trees around your home. From delicate trimming to removal, we can give you precisely what you need regarding trees.

As a licensed and insured company, you can rest assured knowing you’re dealing with a group of folks who will do everything in their power to make tree work as painless and straightforward as possible with little downtime. Check out a few of the services we offer:

Tree Topping

Some of a tree’s most dangerous branches can be at the top. With our tree topping services, we can remove problem branches and promote growth on other parts of the tree.

Tree Pruning

Sometimes, all you need is a few branches removed. If you have branches that could potentially damage your home, rely on us to remove and dispose of them.

Tree Cutting

If you’ve got a tree in your yard that’s seen better days, it might be time for it to go. Our tree-cutting services can easily remove any tree to prevent issues in your yard.

Dad is Here to Help!

Dad’s Tree Service is just a phone call away for Falls Church, VA, residents with any tree-trimming needs. Do you have a problem tree? We’ve got a solution! Contact us today for more information.

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