Professional and Trusted Tree Services for Homeowners in Springfield, VA

Sometimes, when you have a tree on your Springfield, Virginia, property that needs a little work, all you need to do is call Dad. Dad’s Tree Service is your trusted tree professional in the community.  

If tree services can help protect your home, we can help you with anything. Dad’s Tree Service has the tools and talent to aid you if you’ve got a stubborn tree that needs a trim or to remove one if it has seen better days.

Dad is Here to Help

Just like when you call the father figure in your life, Dad’s Tree Service is quick to offer tree services designed to help you with any tree-related matters on your property. Thanks to our decades of experience, you’ll rest easier knowing that any trees on your property that need work get the respect they deserve. We offer services such as:

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Your home is one dead branch away from significant roof damage or power loss. We can easily handle troublesome branches, and our pruning work can also promote positive growth for your favorite trees.

Tree Removal

Everyone has that one tree in their yard that they don’t like. With Dad’s Tree Service, you get an honest quote on removal and friendly service that will help you forget your least favorite tree.  

Stump Grinding

Nothing sticks out in a yard more than a stump. Thanks to our stump grinding services, it’ll look like you never had a tree in your yard.  

Fallen Tree Removal

When storms roll through the area and remove one of the trees on your property, you need immediate removal to survey the damage. Trust us to help put your yard back to normal.

Call Dad When You Need a Hand!

Dad’s Tree Service is your expert tree services group in Springfield, VA. With friendly staff and tree experts, you’ll get the type of service only professionals provide. Contact us today to get started.

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