Professional and Trusted Tree Trimming Services for Homeowners in Annandale, VA

Sometimes, when you’ve got a tree on your Annandale, Virginia property that needs a little work, all you need is to call Dad. Dad’s Tree Service is your trusted tree professional in the community.

If tree trimming can help protect your home, we can help you with anything. Dad’s Tree Service has the tools and talent to aid you if you have a stubborn tree that needs trimming so it doesn’t become a bigger problem.

What Dad Can Do for You

At Dad’s Tree Service, training and professionalism are the two most vital aspects of performing our duties. As a tree trimming service, there are many ways to make a tree more manageable. When you call us, you can expect a full inspection of the tree or trees in question and a plan to tackle your issue.

We are licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a company that may not have all the tools or the abilities to handle your trees.

Tree Pruning

If you all need a much neater tree, then Dad’s Tree Service can make it happen. With our trained staff, we can neaten any problem tree on your property. Any tree maintenance can make your tree healthier in the long run.

Tree Topping

Sometimes, one of your trees needs a little more love. With our tree-topping services, we can drastically reduce the number of problem branches on a tree in your yard, giving you more natural light in the process.

Tree Cutting

Dad’s Tree Service is also highly trained in tree removal. Whether it’s an old tree that has seen better days or one that’s come down during a storm, we have everything you need to clean up and remove a tree.

Got a Problem? Call Dad!

Dad's Tree Service is committed to delivering dependable, top-tier tree services that surpass your expectations. Contact our excellent customer service team today for all your tree care needs in Annandale, VA.

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