Benefits of TCIA Membership

Benefits of TCIA Membership

August 26, 2013

Recently I was asked, “Why TCIA?”

Dad’s Tree Service gained its TCIA membership back in 1999; at that time, the association was known as NAA – the National Arborist Association. It became the Tree Care Industry Association about ten years ago or so.

When we started out, the NAA was known as the foundational mark of legitimacy among tree care companies nationwide. From the beginning, our company has been committed to outstanding service, honest practice, fair rates, and high standards. We believe in being licensed, insured and professional. So it made sense for Dad’s Tree Service to associate ourselves with a reputable association – that being NAA. Now TCIA, the standards of excellence and the resources available to tree care professionals have continued to be reliable and accessible.

TCIA is active in promoting industry standards for quality and safety. Safety is a huge consideration in this line of work – it is tricky business. We conduct regular safety meetings among the crew members, and the TCIA accident reports and standards (along with OSHA standards) form the basis for many of our meetings. Our employees are professionals, educated in TCIA care standards for the actual conduction of our work, and for the maintenance of our gear and equipment.

TCIA is a great resource for industry professionals dedicated to ethical and quality in business practices. They provide safety and educational programs, guidelines for tree care operations & pruning standards. The Tree Care Industry Association also acts as a consumer resource. Dad’s Tree Service is proud to be noted among the members of this quality organization.

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